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Our mission

We are a non-profit foundation, which seeks to contribute to the conservation and sustainable management of natural resources, to promote the development of societies in harmony with the environment.

Our vision

Promote research projects that allow relevant education for the conservation of natural resources nationally and internationally.

Our Services

Promote projects that contribute to the conservation and sustainable use of natural resources.

Promote scientific research on biodiversity and its relationships with society to provide solutions to environmental problems that improve the quality of life of the population.

Promote education and conservation of resources for the benefit of communities.

Support the execution of social projects in the environmental area, promoted or promoted by other Associations or Foundations related to this Foundation.

About Us

We are professionals dedicated to the study and conservation of ecosystems and biodiversity. We believe that through research we can educate the population about the importance of maintaining a connection with nature, allowing us to take advantage of natural resources in a sustainable manner.



This program aims to recover degraded areas to initiate functional recovery of ecosystems, generating connectivity between patches of forests and guarantee refuge for tropical biodiversity. The objective of this program is to recover ecosystem services for climate regulation, carbon sequestration and recovery of water recharge zones. This is intended to contribute to the global goals of restoration and reduce the effects of climate change and generate human well-being in rural communities and ensure the conservation of tropical forests.


This program aims to generate information on ecological aspects and distribution data of the main threatened species in areas with greater forest cover in El Salvador with the help of forest owners, community leaders, and indigenous leaders. All the information collected helps us to establish guidelines for the conservation of ecosystems using umbrella species, providing information to decision makers for the management and conservation of biodiversity in El Salvador and the Central American region.


Our foundation develops the first research grant program for young researchers in El Salvador. This program aims to support students and early researchers who work with issues related to current conservation problems in the country and the Central American region. Start: March 1, 2021, Close: May 15, 2021. Read the new indications for COVID-19.

Grant Program 2021 (Spanish)
Grant Application Program 2021 (Spanish)
Associate Researchers


Our foundation develops a volunteer program that offers opportunities to contribute to our research and conservation efforts in El Salvador. Within this program, you can develop short stays for research, community work, educational work, or cultural exchange. Each stay or volunteer is personal, so we request to make direct contact with us and evaluate or design your participation in our activities. We also offer support in research programs in tropical forests and the Pacific coastal zone.

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